2024 electrician trends

2024 Electrician Trends: 6 Exciting Innovations

Hey, sparkies: are you ready for these 2024 electrician trends? Imagine this: the solar energy market alone is expected to grow by 25% this year. That’s just one of the electrifying trends shaking things up, from electric vehicles buzzing onto the scene to smart homes becoming smarter than ever. So, put on your thinking caps (and safety helmets, of course), because we’re about to dive into the hottest trends that’ll illuminate your path to success in the year ahead.


The Top 2024 Electrician Trends


1 – Solar Power

Forget that tanning bed, solar energy is the new bronzer for the grid. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is throwing serious sunshine on clean energy projects, so expect solar installs to skyrocket (think solar farms, rooftop panels, the whole shebang). Time to brush up on your photovoltaic knowledge!

There’s also the issue of how to store all this sunshine. Enter the whole home battery. This kind of technology continues to improve, allowing the day’s charge to keep a house lit up through the night. The potential for cost-saving and even energy sharing is vast. So, get familiar with powerwalls and backup batteries ASAP so you’re ready when customers come calling.


2 – Electric Vehicles

Remember those “Back to the Future” hoverboards? Turns out, electric vehicles are the real future, and they’re multiplying like rabbits on Red Bull. This isn’t just a 2024 electrician trend, it will continue well past that. Along with it comes an opportunity for electricians.

The demand for more electric vehicles directly correlates with the demand for more charging stations. You’ve probably already started installing these for homeowners,  and the need for this infrastructure will keep on growing. Be ready to plug into this lucrative market!


3 – Smart Homes

Smart homes keep on getting smarter (think Alexa meets R2-D2). From thermostats that learn your schedule to lightbulbs that throw dance parties, smart homes are becoming the norm. Expect to see more demand for these data-driven upgrades.

Beyond smart homes, we’re now seeing the rise of smart cities. Brace yourself for interconnected neighborhoods run by electrical wizards like you! Microgrids are also popping up, making local power generation a thing. Time to expand your skills beyond basic wiring!


4 – Tech Takeover

The rapid expansion and adoption of technology are changing every industry, electricians included. Expect to see more of the following this year:

  • Prefabrication – this is becoming the new hot rod of construction, so get ready to work with pre-wired modules that’ll have you finishing jobs in record time.
  • Electrical Contracting Software – Modern electricians are ditching pen and paper and embracing cloud based software to run their businesses. Tools like ServiceTitan can manage projects, invoices, and customer data like a champ, freeing you up for the fun stuff (like actually wiring stuff). A
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM): This shared knowledge resource is here to stay, so brush up on your 3D modeling to give yourself a serious edge.


5 – Digital Marketing & Customer Service

Remember those classified ads in the local paper? Yeah, they’re about as relevant as dial-up internet. Get your digital marketing game on, sparkies! Websites, social media, and targeted ads are the new ways to attract customers.

And don’t forget, keeping your customers happy is key in this age of online reviews. Think fast, friendly service, flexible payment options, and a can-do attitude.

We just happen to know a company that’s really good a this! (It’s us, by the way).


6 Safety First, Always

No matter how shiny the new tech may be, safety is still the golden rule. Invest in some of the new personal protective equipment, prioritize safe work practices, and stay up-to-date on industry regulations. Remember, even superheroes need their capes!


The Bottom Line: Buckle Up!

There you have it: the 2024 electrician trends. From sun power to smart homes, the electrical industry in 2024 is buzzing with change and opportunity. Embrace the jolt of innovation – be it mastering solar installations, plugging into the EV revolution, or becoming the wizard of smart homes. Hone your skills with tech like electrical contracting software and BIM, power up your digital marketing engine, and never forget the importance of safety.

Remember, electricians are the superheroes of the modern world, illuminating not just buildings but the entire path to a brighter future. So, get ready to spark new connections, power up your knowledge, and light the way in this electrifying year!

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