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"I have been getting really good leads. My leads have improved, there are more of them, and I'm quite happy."

Doug Husbands, Owner, A-Rock Asphalt

Total Leads

Average cost per lead: $17.98

The CPL or Cost Per Lead is calculated by adding your total ads spend plus your package with Paving Marketers (i.e., total spend altogether), then dividing that by your leads for that period. Maintaining a low average CPL is our goal. A low CPL means we have in context provided a ton of leads at a below average cost.

Google Maps/Google Business Profile

Boosting Google Business Profile Engagement for A-Rock Asphalt Services with Paving Marketers

For A-Rock Asphalt Services, the past year marked a transformative journey in their digital presence. They witnessed a staggering 621% surge in calls, while their overall interactions on Google Business amplified by 69%. At Paving Marketers, we pride ourselves on crafting strategies that don't just improve metrics, but redefine success. Eager to amplify your brand's digital footprint? Partner with us, and let's chart a similar trajectory for your business.

A-Rock GBP 1
A-Rock GBP 2

Google Search Console

Supercharging Web Engagement for A-Rock Asphalt Services with Paving Marketers

A side-by-side evaluation of the last six months versus the preceding six tells a compelling story for A-Rock Asphalt Services. Impressions nearly doubled, while click-throughs to their website soared, multiplying fourfold. At Paving Marketers, we harness the potential of digital touchpoints to not just draw attention, but also foster active engagement. Ready to elevate your brand's online interactivity? Let's collaborate, and together, cultivate a thriving digital ecosystem for your business.

Want leads at an affordable price? Take advantage of our Google ads strategy tailored to the paving industry. Our custom efforts helped A-Rock asphalt generate 39 new leads and we can do the same for you! Since restructuring A-Rock's Google ads account, we have increased leads by 550%. Our optimized bid strategies utilize the latest in machine learning to make sure your Google ads campaigns generate a high volume of quality leads at a low cost. Through keyword research and strategy we are able to decrease the average cost per click to get you the most bang for your buck. Our professionally written ad copy has increased click through rate by over 20% since March. Our custom strategies ensure that your ads are in front of the right audience at the right time, with messaging that connects with the customer in order to maintain a steady flow of leads.

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