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"We just started with Paving Marketers 2 months ago and as of now everything is going well. We are pleased with the layout of our website and confident that they will get our other concerns addressed. Our contact person Laynie seems to understand our needs and is very helpful in getting our website in the direction we are looking for."

Melissa Feathers

Total Leads

Average cost per lead: $87.94

The CPL or Cost Per Lead is calculated by taking your total spend with Paving Marketers, then dividing that by your leads for that period. Maintaining a low average CPL is our goal. A low CPL means we have in context provided a ton of leads at a below average cost.

Google Maps/Googe Business Profile

black-diamond-professional-paving-sealing-paving-contractor-13x13-20230731-1839 (1)
black-diamond-professional-paving-sealing-asphalt-contractor-13x13-20230731-1839 (1)

Black Diamond Professional Paving's Striking Rise in GeoGrid Rankings with Paving Marketers

Black Diamond Professional Paving's GeoGrids from March 2023 to July 2023 tell a tale of significant achievement. From an initial average grid rank of 12.83, we've spearheaded their ascent to an enviable average of 3.22 by July. Notably, they are now firmly positioned in the top 3 across an expansive 26-mile geogrid. This meteoric rise exemplifies the power of our localized optimization strategies at Paving Marketers. Aspiring to elevate your brand's local presence? Reach out, and let us chart your path to the top.

Google Search Console

Amplifying Digital Footprint for Black Diamond Professional Paving with Paving Marketers

When Black Diamond Professional Paving initially approached us, the figures on the left depict their digital starting line. With our dedicated approach and expert strategies, we've magnified their digital impressions, boasting nearly a two-fold increase. Paving Marketers delivers measurable growth. Dreaming of a heightened digital presence for your brand? Connect with us, and let's sculpt your path to online prominence.

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