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"We are so happy with Paving Marketers. We have so many leads. I wouldn't change a thing with what they are doing!"

We were really hesitant to change marketing companies but Paving Marketers has exceeded our expectations. We have been more busy than we've been in years, the calls are much better quality than we used to get, and they have been hard to keep up with!"

Joni Seyko, Owner, JR Paving & Construction Co

Total Leads

CPL: $20.35

The CPL or Cost Per Lead is calculated by adding your total ads spend plus your package with Paving Marketers (i.e., total spend altogether), then dividing that by your leads for that period. Maintaining a low average CPL is our goal. A low CPL means we have in context provided a ton of leads at a below average cost.

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JR Paving's Dramatic Engagement Boost with Paving Marketers

In a year-over-year comparison, JR Paving experienced a remarkable 161% increase in client interactions, all thanks to our strategic digital marketing efforts at Paving Marketers. This surge in engagement not only led to a consistent influx of quote requests but also significantly amplified the click-throughs to JR Paving's website. Dive into the strategies we employed and discover the transformative journey of JR Paving's digital presence.

Expanding JR Paving's Reach with Paving Marketers

JR Paving's prominent map rankings stand as a testament to our dedicated strategies at Paving Marketers. Proudly, we've secured top 3 positions for them across the majority of locations in the geogrid. This heightened visibility has catalyzed an increase in inbound calls and broadened the geographical span from which potential clients can discover and reach out to JR Paving. Join us in exploring the behind-the-scenes tactics that have shaped this success story.

Google Search Console

Unleashing Digital Potential for Jr Paving and Construction with Paving Marketers

Over the span of 12 months, a deep dive into the Google Search Console data reveals the transformative journey Jr Paving and Construction embarked on with us. Their website experienced an ascent from a mere 10 clicks per day to a whopping 115 daily clicks. Furthermore, their impressions skyrocketed - from 60 to an astounding 6,000. At Paving Marketers, our expertise isn't just in increasing numbers, but in amplifying genuine engagement and reach. Want to craft a similar success story for your brand? Connect with us, and let's pave your digital path together.

Google Search Console

Want to generate leads with little time, effort and money? Let our experienced Google ads team drive leads while you relax. JR paving saw excellent results, with over 200 leads created at just $34 per lead. Talk to more potential customers everyday by taking advantage of our professional Google ads services. We have keyword research and ad copy down to a science for paving campaigns. Our experts will keep the key metrics of your Google ads well above industry standard. For JR Paving our keyword and bid strategies allowed us to achieve a conversion rate of 12%. Our professionally written ad copy drove over 1600 new users to the site at a click through rate of over 6%. Struggling to get performance out of your ads? Give us a call today!

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