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Here's a link to our intake form: https://electricianmarketingagency.com/get-started

Please complete this form as thoroughly as you can - if you are not sure about a question or don't have the information handy, that's OK, just leave it blank and we will follow up with you to collect that information as needed.

A few other notes:

If you'd like to retain a link to our terms of service/MSA, here is the link: https://electricianmarketingagency.com/master-service-agreement

For a timeline of the first two months, here is the link: https://electricianmarketingagency.com/program-overview

Finally - Electrician Marketers is a subsidiary of Heaviside Group, and you may see invoices, receipts, or other communications bearing the Heaviside mark. That just means we're internally sharing some tools or I (Chris) forgot to change a setting somewhere.

On behalf of the entire Electrician Marketers team, welcome, and I look forward to working with you!

Chris Sloane

Owner, Electrician Marketers


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